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  • Otodata is the largest Internet of Things network operator in Canada

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A revolutionary network

We are not cellular

No technological sunsets

Quickly expanding network

Proprietary protocol language

Network adaptable to all sectors

Ultra-low hardware cost with no monthly, or micro monthly, fees

Connected Products

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  • otodata_pm8040_connectedproducts
  • otodata_app-vehilcle-control_connectedproducts
  • otodata_m6020_connectedproducts

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Network Activity

Messages delivered through the Otodata Network

Upcoming Events

Come meet us to learn more on our IoT network and our revolutionary connected products!

  • Congrès annuel de l’AQP

    September 6-8, 2017
    Jonquière, Quebec

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9280 Boulevard de l’Acadie, Montreal, QC H4N 3C5

Merci d’être venus nous rencontrer au séminaire du CPA. On se revoit le 6 septembre au congrès annuel de l'APQ ! https://t.co/2WBmtH4SFO

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