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Wireless Fleet Management Communicator



The profitability of your business depends on good fleet management. That is why it is important to equip yourself with the most affordable GPS solution on the market!

Easy to install, the communicator allows you to:

  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of your fleet and drivers
  • Ensure the safety of your truckloads and drivers
  • Recover your vehicles in no time
  • Manage your fleet in real-time
  • Receive speed alerts
  • Better manage your fuel consumption
No technological sunsets Easy installation

Consult our list of the Key Features below to find out more or contact us at 1 (844) 763-3344

| Key Features


Otodata guarantees our product will not fall victim to technological sunsets. Legacy products will be supported for as long as you own our product.

No Activation Fees

With Otodata there are absolutely no hidden fees.

Micro Monthly Fees

Due to our dedicated communication infrastructure, we offer solutions that cost substantially less than that of cellular solutions.

Easy Installation

Efficiently designed, our unit is a simple system which was designed and developed with the technician and end user in mind.

The GPS8050 unit contains a battery pack powerful enough to last up to 10 years, making it completely wireless.

Easy Activation

Unlike other products on the market today, we designed our system to be a one-time setup!

Once your account is set up, no other programming will be necessary, and installing and activating other units will be completely automated.

Fully Certified

Our unit has been fully certified by Industry Canada, ensuring that it can be used across the entire Otodata network

5-Year Warranty

Our hardware carries an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

| Technical Specs

Model #GPS8050
Description Wireless fleet management communicator
Reporting & Outputs
Reporting GPS position
Low battery
Speed alerts
Hour meter
Outputs Email (to fleet operator and/or end user)
Raw data
Online dashboard
Client mobile app
Automated Testing Network status/battery
Electrical Specifications
Battery Pack 10.8 VDC
Vehicle Power 12 VDC
Radio Specifications
Frequencies 902 to 928 MHz
Output Power 1 watt / 30 dBm
Environmental Specifications
Operating & storage temp. range -40°C à 60°C -22°F à 140°F
Relative humidity range 0 - 100% RHC
Enclosure rating IP66
Certification Industrie Canada #12649A-C005
Height 14 cm 5.5 in
Width 14 cm 5.5 in
Depth 9.5 cm 3.5 in

GPS8050 includes a battery pack and can also be connected to the vehicle’s power.

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