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Network coverage shown is approximate. Actual coverage may vary depending on certain conditions such as topography, environment and other factors.
La couverture affichée est approximative et la couverture réelle peut varier. La réception peut varier selon la topographie, les conditions environnementales, le type d'appareil et d'autres facteurs.

Quebec and Ontario Coverage Map

Benefit from an unmatched network dedicated to the Internet of Things!

With more than 35,000 km2 of added coverage every month, our network has reached more than 95% of the population of Ontario and Quebec with plans to offer nation wide coverage in the near future!

A Revolutionary Network

  1. Highly secure
    All data transmitted on the Otodata wireless network is fully encrypted and secured.
  2. S.P.R.S. network architecture (Secure Packet Radio Service)
    Guarantees long-term flexibility and product life-cycles thus eliminating technological sunsets.
  3. Cellular and Hybrid
    Otodata uses CAT-M, the latest cellular technology. Designed for telemetry, CAT-M maximizes battery life, offers increased range, and lowers costs.
  4. End to end redundancy of infrastructure and back end
    Resistant to any technical malfunction.

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