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Intelligent Lighting

As the demand for larger, more complex intelligent lighting systems grows, so too does the need for a cost-effective means of wireless control and monitoring.

Our Sectors: Agriculture

From the micro to massive scale lighting infrastructure, Otodata offers solutions that cost a fraction of traditional cellular options. We can guarantee that our technology will not fall victim to sunsets; forcing you to invest in costly upgrades each time cellular technology takes a leap forward. The Otodata Network operates in S.P.R.S, our own protocol developed from the ground-up with M2M, IoT, and wireless data communication in mind. With micro-monitoring fees and technology that does not fall victim to sunsets, you will be investing in a system that will work indefinitely . Otodata offers the most reliable and cost effective solution on the market today. Guaranteed.

Don’t play the cellular catch-up game. Invest in a network designed for exceptional efficiency and longevity. Contact an Intelligent Lighting Specialist today at 1 (844) 763-3344.


Stay in control of your energy consumption levels by remotely connecting your utility meters and gauges through the Otodata Network.

Our Sectors: Utilities

With Otodata you can survey supply levels, automatically provide information to consumers and repair crews, and prevent energy theft. Likewise, improved customer service, lower operating costs, and better inventory management become a reality when connected through the Otodata Network. Our smart metering systems are both cost-effective and easy to install; keeping Otodata at the forefront of wireless metering.

Don’t play the cellular catch-up game. Invest in a network designed for efficiency and longevity. Contact a Utilities Specialist today at 1 (844) 763-3344.


The most effective tool of any security system is prevention, and Otodata’s M2M network provides a dedicated platform for security systems to meet their full potential.

Our Sectors: Security

With many homeowners and businesses choosing to be connected to emergency services at all times, the need for an alarm system which transfers data cost-effectively is rising. With the ever increasing need for bandwidth and speed, cellular networks are no longer a viable or cost-effective solution for M2M and iOT applications. This rising has shortened the life cycle of cellular based products; increasing their cost while still falling victim to sunsets.

However, Otodata has put a stop to ever-rising wireless data prices and product costs by offering solutions that are viable long-term. Unique amongst its peers, Otodata’s communication infrastructure has been designed and developed from the ground up with M2M, IoT, and wireless data transfer in mind. Ensuring that Otodata’s equipment does not fall victim to technological sunsets, our infrastructure communicates in S.P.R.S. (Secure Packet Radio Service); our own communication protocol. Our industry is changing, and land-lines are rapidly being abandoned by customers everywhere. We need to stay ahead of the game.

Forget cellular. Invest in a truly viable long-term solution. Here’s an example of a wireless alarm communicator which protects clients’ homes and businesses.

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