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The agriculture industry is quickly adopting M2M technology to streamline their processes; using it to reduce wastage, monitor weather conditions, control irrigation, measure the quality and level of water and evaluate moisture and acidity levels in soil.

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However, many farms operate in areas far from existing cellular networks, making their remoteness a challenge when implementing traditional and expensive M2M technology. This is not an issue with the Otodata Network. We specialize in creating low-cost, long-term, private network solutions that do not operate through a cellular network. The Otodata Network operates in S.P.R.S, our own protocol developed from the ground-up with M2M, IoT, and the wireless data system in mind. With micro-monitoring fees and technology that does not fall victim to sunsets, you will be investing in a system that will work for generations. Otodata offers the most reliable, long-term, private network development on the market today.

Here’s an example of how propane distributors benefit from a wireless tank-level solution.

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You can also benefit from a tank-level monitoring solution! Contact an Agricultural Solutions Specialist today at 1 (844) 763-3344.

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