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Remote Tank-level Monitor


Finally, an affordable tank level monitor!

Our Award Winning Remote Tank-Level Monitor provides precise and extremely reliable tank-level data. We make large scale RTLM implementation affordable.

Stop relying on predictions. Propane, fuel and more. A tank level monitor to suit your corporate needs.

Multi-tank ready Maximum range & reception Ruggedized & waterproof casing Mounting options Interchangeable leads Fully encapsulated electronics

Lowest monthly fees & price protection

At Otodata, we care about your bottom line. Our affordable prices, and price protection program were designed with your ROI in mind.

Longest battery life

We know something as simple as a battery change can easily eat up several years worth of operational savings. So, we developed our unit to operate using an advanced hybrid capacitor battery pack.

This battery technology is suitable for high heat and extreme cold environments and is designed to enhance the life span of our battery packs by incorporating SPC and EDLC technology into every unit. This “hybrid” construction ensures high reliability, stable voltages, and increased usable capacity in the harshest of environments.

Only dual SIM RTLM unit

Connectivity is critical. We engineered our RTLM unit to connect in the toughest coverage areas. Using more than one carrier is an essential part of making sure you get your tank level data. Our dual sim strategy also helps to keep the carriers in check by promoting very competitive pricing.

Direct carrier relationships

At Otodata, we believe dealing directly with cellular carriers is integral to ensuring long term operability and connectivity for our customers. We’ve built extremely robust and direct relationships so you don’t have to worry about connectivity for the long haul.

Most advanced IoT cellular technology

We understand that as part of our rapid ROI philosophy avoiding technological sunsets is critical. Therefore we’ve developed our solutions using the very latest in cellular IoT technology.

Quick & Easy Installation

Strapped, magnet, or bracket mounted, our units have been designed with your drivers and technicians in mind. Installed quickly and easily on virtually any tank, save time and money.

Otodata is proud to announce we have received the Innovation Award from the CPA in recognition of our tank level monitor. This award recognizes initiatives from organizations that have contributed to the advancement of the propane industry. Check out the Otodata Tank Monitors website to find out more. otodatatankmonitors.com

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