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    The most reliable and cost effective tank level monitor on the market today.

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    No sunsets.
    Our system is designed and developed for longevity.

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    Our system is completely wireless and our batteries have a 5 year guarantee.

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    We are not cellular or wifi. Our products run on Otodata's secure and dedicated network.

Remote Tank-level Monitor



The remote RTLM communicator provides precise and extremely reliable tank level data. We make large scale RTLM implementation affordable.

At Otodata, we know our industry has many unique technical and economical challenges. Stop playing the guessing game; relying on predictions to estimate consumption. With Otodata you can afford to implement a large scale remote monitoring solution for as little as 1$ a month.

No technological sunsets Micro monthly fees Easy installation

Read our Key Features below to find out how we do it, or contact us to find out more 1 (844) 763-3344.

| Key Features

No Activation Fees

With Otodata there are absolutely no hidden fees.

Micro Monthly Fees

Due to our dedicated communication infrastructure, we offer solutions that cost substantially less than that of cellular solutions.

Easy Installation

Efficiently designed, our RTLM unit is a simple plug-and-go system which was designed and developed with the technician in mind.

Furthermore our unit contains a battery pack powerful enough to last up to 10 years, making it completely wireless.

Easy Activation

Unlike other products on the market today, we designed our system to be a one-time setup!

Once your account is set up, no other programming will be necessary, and installing and activating other units will be completely automated.

Fully Certified

Our RTLM unit has been fully certified by QPS, ensuring our product is intrinsically safe for operation in hazardous environments.

High Accuracy

To develop a truly effective solution for RTLM, we knew accuracy was of the utmost importance. Therefore we created a monitoring system which is precise to within 0.5% of the dial reading.

Service Guarantee

Otodata guarantees our product will not fall victim to technological sunsets. Legacy products will be supported for as long as you own your wireless communicator.

Lifetime Warranty

Our hardware carries an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

| Technical Specs

Model #PM8040
Description Remote tank-level monitoring communicator
Remote-Ready Dial Read ready Hall effect module
  UltraSonic module
Reporting & Outputs
Reporting Tank level (programmable)
Low battery
High/Excessive draw
Outputs Email (to supplier and/or consumer)
Raw data
Online dashboard
Client mobile app
Automated Testing Network status
Hall effect module status
Rating Within +/- 0.5% of dial reading
Electrical Specifications
Battery Pack 10.8 VDC
Radio Specifications
Frequencies 902 to 928 MHz
Output Power 1 watt / 30dBm
Environmental Specifications
Operating & storage temp. range -40°C to 60°C -22°F to 140°F
Relative humidity range 0 - 100% RHC
Enclosure rating IP66
Type QPS
Certifications Class I, Div. 2, Groups C&D T3
Height 14 cm 5.5 in
Width 14 cm 5.5 in
Depth 9.5 cm 3.5 in
Option GPS (mobile tank)

PM8040 includes a battery pack.


Online Inventory Management Portal

Maximize efficiency by organizing data, creating custom routes, and receiving notifications.

Easily manage your tank monitors with our web-based inventory management system.

With the Portal you can increase route efficiencies and reduce overall delivery costs by as much as 30%!

User-friendly interface Free minimal training required View usage history Consult usage history Easily manage customer information

Consult our list of Key Features below to find out more, or contact us 1 (844) 763-3344.

| Key Features

View current inventory levels and sort by priority

Easily manage customer information

Create custom routes

View device statistics for usage history

Pin point your tank monitors on a map

Set 4 customizable notifications for each tank monitor; low and critical-low alarms, and fill and rapid draw detection.

Easily export data to spreadsheet for analysis (CSV)

Manage list of recipients for notifications and reports

Send notifications to customers

Otodata Nee-Vo

Smartphone Application

With Nee-Vo, trying to accurately guess tank levels is now a thing of the past. Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone.

Welcome to the era of real-time telemetry and the Internet of things (IoT) with Otodata.

Ask your re-seller for more information.

Instant notifications Consult usage history Track tank-levels in real-time Request refill

Consult our list of Key Features below to find out more or contact us 1 (844) 763-3344.

| Key Features

Accurately track the level of your tank in real-time from anywhere

Consult your usage for the past 3 months in the blink of an eye

Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when your tank reaches configurable and pre-determined levels

With just one tap, contact your propane supplier to request service or a refill

Monitor and manage multiple tanks from one account

Share access to data with up to 5 users

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