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LP Gas Level Monitoring

Here at Otodata, we know our industry has many unique needs, from the technical, “Why are we playing the guessing game; relying on inaccurate software predictions to estimate consumption?” to the economical, “Can we afford to implement a remote monitoring solution?”

Our Sectors: LP Gas Level Monitoring

Stay ahead of the game by monitoring your LP gas levels. Keep track of consumption, plan ahead for propane deliveries, and reduce distribution expenses all while saving substantially on operating costs. Otodata’s communication infrastructure operates in S.P.R.S, our own protocol developed from the ground-up with M2M, IoT, and wireless data communication in mind. With micro-monitoring fees and technology that does not fall victim to sunsets, you will be investing in a system that will work indefinitely. Otodata offers the most reliable and cost effective solution on the market today. Guaranteed.

Here’s an example of how propane distributors benefit from a wireless tank-level solution.

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