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In areas where vehicle theft is high the market is dominated by security and tracking devices. It is estimated that within this decade alone the emergency assistance device will become the dominant type of M2M connection mandated by insurance agencies.

Sector: Automotive

However, the automotive sector represents one of the areas with the greatest opportunity for a machine-to-machine infrastructure to grow far beyond security and vehicle tracking. There are countless more vehicle-related applications that would benefit from being connected. With a focus on vehicle inventory, and systems management, there exists a need for replacing cellular or satellite systems with cost-efficient, dedicated networks like Otodata to reduce power consumption and costs.

Presently, many vehicles are equipped with computers that could benefit from being independently and wirelessly connected to the Otodata Network to transmit their status directly to the manufacturers. This is a development that will only become more common over time as this information is integral to manufacturers seeking to develop new services or improve their current products. Wirelessly transmitting vehicle status and diagnostics information cost-effectively is now a reality using the Otodata Wireless Network.

Here’s an example of a vehicle control and telematics app which allows you to start your vehicle remotely from anywhere, lock and unlock your doors, and much more.

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